Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum

The overall curriculum provided within Hippity Hop Early Learning is derived though a number of internal and external factors, all of which are entwined to assist children to reach their greatest potential as well as to meet the outcomes under the Early Years Learning Framework. These include:
the educators


Their knowledge of early childhood development is drawn upon to extend on skills, milestones, learning and overall health and wellbeing.
our environments


The environment is sometimes referred to as another teacher. The way an environment is set out and the equipment and experiences offered provide the opportunities for learning and development, curiosity, and a sense of wonder to occur.
our parents and guardians


These are a child’s first teacher and therefore respected for their ideas, culture, talents, and experience and are invited to share their knowledge and input in ways that enhance our programs.
the children
Their ideas, questions, interests, and skills are drawn on in developing a curriculum that is child focused.
early learning community


The community forms an important part of extending the learning offered to children within Hippity Hop Early Learning. It enables children to experience a range of knowledge and other learnings they otherwise may not access. This occurs outside of the service with our enrichment program (see below) or within the service itself. When held within the service in can be in the form of shared skills such as cooking, or gardening with our internal community, such as parents and extended families or by way of inviting other programs into our Centre.

These programs are ever changing based on the children’s learning and interests at the time but include things such as

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Annual dental visits

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Road safety

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Museum dinosaur visit

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Road safety with Tingle Toodle

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Animals and reptile visits

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Bale Grow - Growing vegetables program

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Emergency Services visits such as CFA and Police

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Playground to plate - Environmental sustainability program

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Stories and music from Africa

other learnings programs

Our enrichment programs

These programs have been designed to enrich the experiences offered to children. Using our centre van, we can extend on the interests and learning that is occurring within the room to outside of our service and into our greater community. These learnings are fundamental in providing real life concreate experiences and lessons for children that sometimes just cannot be matched with a book, pictures, or video. Some examples of the enrichment excursions that have emerged throughout learning have included:
learning and researching on the pet shop
After learning and researching all about having and caring for a pet fish, the children were able to go to the pet shop to purchase the fish and all the items they had discovered a fish would need to be happy.
learning about writing letters and the postal system
After learning about writing letters and the postal system, the children visited the post office to post their own letters
caring for pets
When caring for pet goats, the children when to the produce store to buy the hay the goats needed to be happy and warm.
children in local nursing home
When partnering with a local nursing home the children have been able to write letters, make artwork and were even able to make scones and jam and deliver them.
children in home corner cafe

When learning extended from the home corner cafe the children had created to attending an actual café for a baby chino

child programs

The Virtues Project

This program enable the children to not only learn the language of virtues such as helpfulness, service, responsibility, and kindness but to learn what they look like in action. Our highly trained educators teach the 52 virtues of this character education program, that children can retain for the rest of their life.

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